A Part to Impact!

Melody Iwuamadi is one of our volunteers at Bethesda Child Support Agency. We recently had a chat with her about her volunteering experience with us. She highlights her recent community service with us at Ikota and speaks about the value she is creating. Enjoy!  About a month ago today, I joined my dearest Bethesda family on a project to prevent the furtherance of a health challenge in the Ikota Community. The NetProfit project by Bethesda Child Support Agency is focused on kicking out malaria from underdeveloped and mosquito plagued communities.   On the 30th of April, we succeeded in giving out mosquito nets to 1,000 women and children. These nets serve as a preventive measure for these families as the environment proves difficult for its total riddance.   Being a part of this movement opened my eyes to the real struggles beyond the facts and figures of the disease. The need to get the amenities provided was evident in the eyes of those who benefited from the project. Bethesda works hard to ensure that its programs make a lasting impact in the lives of children and other members of communities where the need arises.   I’m glad to be a part of this organization, and I hope to see their vision through, even as I render my volunteering services in a bid to impact lives.     What cause are you willing to support or add value to?  Would you like to volunteer with or support our work in poor communities? You can send us an email – info@bethesdaagency.africa. 
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