Everyone Has A Story To Tell!

Throughout human history, people have thought to share their stories, journeys, experiences, and thoughts with the next person or people. Books have been around for centuries. From clay tablets to papyrus to Chinese bamboo books to the Gutenberg Bible to modern-day e-books. Pick up a book and you will find a world filled with imagination, Creativity, boundless knowledge, wisdom, comedy, adaptation and growth.

The knowledge found in books from time in memorial has nourished our world and help humans grow and achieve more than the previous generation. We are reminded of how far we have come as a species through books. You could get lost in a world of books and never return as the same person. For every time you pick up a new book the borders of the mind are hammered and expanded enriched with new knowledge and experience. There is so much to thank authors and poets for and world book day is perfect to celebrate them for  the joy they bring through their books.

In 2019, ten children( Taiye, Omozogie, Christiana, Patience, Ebere, Saviour, Emmanuel, Agnes, Solomon, Emmanuel ) participated in a series of Creative Writing Workshops facilitated by volunteers comprising of graphic artists, counselors, and publishers of children’s books. The aim of these workshops was to expand their minds and creative abilities. Tortoise and the Magical Dancing Shoes was the result of the children’s collective efforts after attending these workshops.

We hope to do replicate this for our current students and Creative Writers are welcome to teach our children on our to write a book.

Please  call Chris on 09067227706 to volunteer.

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