Faces of Bethesda (Part 2)

My name is Odunayo Michael, I joined Bethesda in October, 2014, as the Librarian at the Bethesda School, Ijaiye-Ojokoro, Lagos. The library was designed to serve both the children in our school and other children in public schools around the community. It was an arduous task, as the concept of a library was new to the pupils and the reading culture was generally poor. This has however changed as the library is now the most active part of the school. I became the acting head teacher in September 2017. This new position came with its own responsibilities of ensuring that the mission of Bethesda are well implemented through adequate and innovative teaching methods. Bethesda runs a unique school system that cater to the educational and psychological needs of less-privileged and disadvantaged children of the society who without the presence and support of Bethesda, will not have the opportunity of being educated not to mention receiving quality education. The Bethesda School, Ijaiye-Ojokoro, caters to children from Nursery School up to Junior Secondary School. During my time with Bethesda, I have seen that there are children out there who need our help; children who are bright and intelligent but go astray because there is no one to put them through and equip them with the tools to harness their potential. I personally believe I have been blessed with the opportunity to be part of this organization and it fills me with so much joy and pride when I see a child who comes in unable to put sentences together, grow into a smart child. In our community, there are still many children who roam around with no access to quality education and I know for a fact that if Bethesda could accommodate them, they would. We do not have enough space for these children, but in my heart I hope we would one day expand and be able to give these children the future they deserve. Bethesda has immensely touched and positively impacted so many families in our community and working with the organization has shown me how far a concerted effort can go in building a better society and nation.
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