Volunteers with Extraordinary Hearts – For the Love of Humanity

When we say, you haven’t seen it all just believe it. There are volunteers with the coolest and warmest heart. It is not just about how they live life but what they give to impact lives. They just come as they are, giving children living in poor communities the greatest gift of love – SERVICE to humanity.

Please read on to meet one of our volunteers who have brought smiles and inspiration to children living in poor communities.

MEET ORHOGHENE! Orhoghene Orhonor is a Petroleum Engineer from the University of Aberdeen. Her hobbies include reading, exploring restaurants and traveling. We have had her on our volunteering team since 2019 and she is very active.

Orhoghene volunteers at Ikota where she engages the children in book reading activities and beginners’ coding lessons.

Why Did You Decide to Volunteer? When I moved back home, I realized I have always been passionate about giving back to the less privileged and giving to humanity as a whole. I needed a balance where I could interact with people and I love kids so it was a good balance.

Why Bethesda? I have known about Bethesda from almost the start. I have seen the work, I know what goes into it. I have been privileged to see some of the benefactors and how they are like in their everyday lives. So, I have seen the work of the NGO and it encouraged me to contribute to the success of the NGO.

What would you describe as your favourite moment(s) while volunteering? My favourite moments are the smiles I see on their faces. I love how comfortable the kids are with me. I found that sometimes people go in for the photo opportunities, the kids can tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t and I think it’s extremely fascinating to see how much they know. Also, I have definitely learned a lot because I did not really go with expectations, but somehow expectations were surpassed. I found that the kids were extremely smart and receptive and that was a good balance for me. Volunteers will always be the ying to our yang. Every day, we keep unravelling the value they bring and we feel so inspired having them from different walks of life-impacting our world.

You too can join other volunteers to impact children living in poor communities. Sign up as a volunteer today
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