Why A Food Drive?

On Saturday the 7th of December we held our annual Christmas party marking the end of our Christmas Food Drive. Special thanks to Donors volunteer for making it a success as we were able to reach our goal of providing enough to feed 1,000 disadvantaged children and their families. In the world today (especially in this part of the world) hunger and poverty are a very present day to day problem faced by a lot of people in the society.

According to the word Data Lab in Vienna Austria 8% of world the world’s population live in extreme poverty with more than half of that percentage coming from Africa. Data collected shows 110 countries have successfully eradicated extreme poverty, while 41 countries are losing the fight against hunger and poverty, one of such countries is Nigeria with over 47.7% of our population living in extreme poverty. That is an average of 2 people slipping below a dollar per day.

The fight against world hunger and poverty is not for world leaders and organizations alone, individuals need to be proactive if we are to completely eradicate these issues from our society.

Those most affected by rising hunger and poverty rates are children between the age of 0-15 yrs. children between these ages are too young to fend for themselves and are often neglected without access to food, water, shelter clothing and a basic education. UNICEF estimates that 3.1million child deaths yearly are caused by severe hunger, this accounts for 45% of all child deaths yearly. Many of these children living in extreme poverty are led into a life of crime, a lot of girl children fall into teenage or underage pregnancy and so the cycle of poverty continues.

Every child deserves to have access to food, water, shelter, clothing, an education amongst other things. At Bethesda we believe that education is a major tool in the fight to eradicate hunger and poverty from our communities’ country and the world. In providing sound education to this affected children we will be arming them with the right tools they need to succeed in life. Without an education they face a very uphill task and limited opportunities to provide for themselves and their families in future.

The success of our Christmas Food Drive ensures that 1,000 families this Christmas will have enough to feed and celebrate this season.
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